Reworking Businesses

Ahmed Matari

Jun 26, 2018
The New Business System
(Fixing economy)

The current business system has its ups and downs, both in logic and economy. I have been witness to many players' complaints and unsatisfactory opinions about the business system [which happens to be a copy similar to other servers with this type of script]. Today, a business worth $2 mil. located in Ganton barely makes money compared to the very same type of business, worth the same, located in Market, makes a hundred times more. The current system is scattered and insensible in that it does not offer fair competition among players. All businesses are the same; they offer the same products for the same prices. Entry fee is a joke to "earn more money," and the overall profit is minimal, if not nonexistent.

Businesses need a clearer system. A system where this current stagnation cannot happen. This stagnation is caused by the overflow of businesses in one area, causing some form of monopoly to occur. Market businesses have the advantage to sell more products and earn more money. The competition is based on location, which, to the detriment of seniority, luck, and a little unorthodox means, is pretty unfair.

The new business system will offer a new perspective and a fresh look at how the selling/buying procedure should look like. The first principle would be privatization and customization. Only then could the economy prosper into what is now nonexistent. Business owners still have to earn a living doing side-hustle jobs.

In this thread, I will introduce two new systems under which businesses can work more efficiently.

Take the main Ammunition store in the Market. There, a shotgun costs $8,000. Take a random Ammunition store in Ganton. Shotgun still costs $8,000. You, as a player who just wants a fast gun, wouldn't care where to go if the price was identical. This is the old system.

The new system makes you customize the price and the name for every product you have. So the Ammunition store in Market can set the price to $12,000. The one in Ganton can lower its price to $7,500. Now, you as a player, have a choice where you want to buy your gun. How much you want to pay for it. Now, you as an owner of business outside the Market/Temple area can actually advertise your store for lower prices!

  • Removing clothing shops, restaurants, and advertisement agencies to become unowned businesses (server-owned). Hear me out; it will make sense.
    • Relocating clothing items (toys) from clothes shops.​
    • Clothing shops now offer player skins only. They cost nothing.​
    • Restaurants are just small Cluckin' Bells with sprunk machines for players to heal. Remove the /buy command inside them.​
    • Advertisement agencies (still don't know what they are for) still charge as is.​
  • Merging all other business types into one, i.e. removing the notion of business types.​
  • Giving owners the ability to rename their business [(John_Doe's Shop) -> (Doe's Minimarket)].​
  • As business types are gone, every business can now sell all products (clothing items, tools, and guns). In addition, stores can now sell drugs and materials too.​
  • Giving owners the ability to rename their products. Yes, it does not make sense that businesses sell guns or drugs. Owners can rename a Spas-12 to Italian Spaghetti, Spasm Pills, or any other creative form of wordplay to insinuate the real product. Cocaine can become Coca Cola or whatever. Materials can be Building Blocks, etc...​
  • Giving owners the ability to customize prices for their products. Stores in Market can set a shotgun to cost $12,000 for the availability and location. Stores outside the famous area can set lower prices to attract more customers, and thus giving them the ability to market their businesses with /ad. Otherwise, why bother go anywhere else?​
  • Adding an inventory/stash for the business, in which the owner can either add or remove products and take them for personal use. This will be abused, I know. Therefore, the Courier job will have to receive a few tweaks -> keep reading.​
  • Removing entry fees. They make zero sense.​
  • Assigning a slot for every product type. This pertains to the courier job tweaks as well. Basically, product type Spas-12 would only have "two shelves" for display, which is the equivalent of, say, 15 Spas-12 products. Something like this displays when you type /buy:​
Courier Job Tweaks
- Courier now has the option to choose which products they want to deliver or just pick a random delivery. If they choose clothing items, they can choose between clothing flair (different kinds of berets or hats or glasses). If they choose ammunition, they can choose between shotguns, colt-44s, or rifles. Note that they cannot deliver materials, drugs, or heavy, illegal guns. This is to prevent a ruckus afterward.

- Courier delivers more products per level. Level 1 delivers 20 instead of 10. Applies to all other levels.

- Owners can now customize their delivery by hiring couriers and paying them accordingly.

- Say I want to deliver ammunition items. I choose shotguns. Now I'm carrying 20 shotguns as level 1 Courier. I deliver them to a store. If the stock's full, the surplus is returned free of charge.

This idea is still a work-in-progress. Any input is appreciated. Take things with a grain of salt.
Love ya.