U:RP Factions Gangs | Application Review Update

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Jan 18, 2020
Current Application Review Update.

Unfortunately there was not as much Faction Leader Applications activity as we may have anticipated so we based decisions on the applications that we were presented. Gangs were presented with numerous applications (as one might imagine), and 4 have hereby currently been accepted. Here is the rundown:

Linnuvabrik Mob Gang
Al - Qaeda Gang
Le Cartel Francais Cartel
514 Murda Mobb Gang

2 Gang Slots still remain available to apply.
Remember that we are currently accepting a total of 10 gangs.

Now onto factions. Ho-hum. Of the 3 factions leads available (LSPD, LSFMD & SAT&R), only one faction leader application qualified.

LSPD: Jordan_Jefferson is hereby the new Chief of Police.
LSFMD: Jennifer_Queen is hereby the new Fire Chief.
SAT&R: 2 apps submitted but denied (Lack of info and support).

We will still look to consider applications for LSFMD and SAT&R but seeing as they currently have active members it may be best to handpick from them instead.

Hopefully now you all see we are serious about our applicants. If there is something you now want from this server you are going to have to put in the time to obtain it.

Sorry to those we denied. Congratulations to those accepted. -U:RP Staff
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